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About the Website: 

Hi I'm Jonathan aka "Johnny B" and I'm a Matt Waldman fanatic!  And inspired by his use of his term " Upside Down Drafting" with his work via the Football Guys.  I give all credit to him for this amazing model of Drafting, and I'm sure he looks to Paul Charchian for Matt's inspiration, but at any rate:  Call it what you will, I wrote a book on my journey in 2011 using, and winning with:   Upside Down Drafting   

I provide FREE advice to anyone who reads content here:   My goal is to help you win and dominate your league, the best experts are 67% correct in today's world.  I don't claim to be one of these, but I do put forth a ton of research and love sharing with those who listen.  


When not Golfing...



The Author:


Nickname:                     Johnny B'
Aka:                                The Commish

Fantasy Team Names: Da Bomb & The Par 5 Killers


With almost 20 years of Fantasy Football knowledge & experience Jonathan shares his unique Fantasy Football drafting strategy for the bold. In his 100 page new edition; you'll be sure to find Upside Down Drafting most interesting, and even learn to enhance your own league's live Fantasy Draft day experience!

Fueled by God, his loving family, Fantasy Football league-mates, and friends alike, he writes about what every owner yearns for: The Ultimate Fantasy team assembled on Fantasy Football Draft Day. But one thing is for sure: this unique style of Drafting is not for those with a heart condition.
Just ask anyone who's read the book, and especially his best buddy...Frank.



Currently lives in:                   Orange County CA

College Education:                 University of California, Irvine

Degree:                                     B.A Psychology

College Study of Interest:     Sports Psychology

Age:                                          38

Married:                                   Yes

Family:                                     Two wonderful kids

Occupation:                             Family Man/Writer/Podcaster/Blogger/Author:



> Being somehow on the Football Guys live POD with Sig & Matt - Cecil too 


Fantasy Highlights

* Finished (61st of 6,000 teams) Pro League: Football Guys Challenge 2013
* Featured on several Podcasts via
* Written Featured Articles exclusively for
* The Launching of Upside Down Drafting E-book/Paper Back: Color version
* Launching Book #2 of How to Enhance Your Live Draft
* Career League Championships --Too many to count !

* Watching live EXOS pre-Combine Training 2017 Feb ( Insane talent this Draft Class!) 

* Scott Fish Bowl 2017 Invite - I'm seriously over the moon!  What an honor, this is incredible, so stoked for this thing - Thank you Scott!

  Scott Fish Bowl  -- 2017 > Made the Playoffs, duuuuude so fun! 



Johnny B's Favorite list:

NFL team:                                                 San Francisco 49ers
Favorite All-time NFL player:               Joe Montana
Favorite Movie:                                       Caddyshack
Favorite Music Band:                             Pink Floyd
Hobbies other than Football:                Golf


Dream Car:  The "Surf Mobile" aka the Land Rover 1993    NAS Defender 110

Food must haves: Steak-Filet Mignon, carne-asada tacos, and pizza weds.



            Championship Trophy with my Daughter born 2011 



Johnny B Quick Stat's

Skills:                     Hit's the 15-foot Jumper with ease, 3-point master!   
Height:                   6'3 with Air Jordan's on
Vertical Jump:     Size of a thin credit card
Off the Tee:          290 yds
40 Yard Dash:      4.8 secs 


Lumberyards?        I Own two

Fantasy Legend?  Yes

Green Jackets?    "Yes Sir"  (Golf humor)


Fantasy Football Writer & Author.